Introducing Meowijuana

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Meowijuana
to bring you some of the
most fun, clever, & 100% organic
USA catnip products on the market –
and it’s all legal!  

Keep scrolling, we think you will agree…

Product sampling…
Meowijuana Dispensary Boxes
Purrple Passion Buds   &   Catnip Spray
Feline Express   &   Kalico Kush
Meowi-Waui   &   Purrple Passion
Various Grinder Options
Blunts, Lit Spliffs, Freshly Rolled Spliffs,
& Catnibas Meowy J’s
all filled with high-grade, organic Meowijuana!

**There is a shortage in trendy cat products – Meowijuana will be the game changer**

Don’t delay, place your order today so you can start seeing the money roll in from the Meowijuana sales (and yes, it’s all legal).
Your store will be added to the Meowijuana family under “Where to buy locally?” on their website, and they will also promote your store on their Facebook Page (which has over 150K followers), giving you the exposure you deserve.
Contact your Lena B & Company Representative
for more information or to place an order!!

Marissa Chapman Kopke
Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah
Marissa.lenab@gmail.comKira Barnett
Southern Colorado, Central Denver, New Mexico/Utah


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